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Haoyuan products have attracted much attention in the 11th Northwest Anhui Agricultural Materials Fair
Time:2020-12-14   Read:160second  

From December 13 to 14, the 11th Northwest Anhui Agricultural Materials Trade Fair and the third China (Fuyang) agricultural industrialization enterprise Expo named by Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. was grandly opened in Fuyang sports center. At the meeting, Haoyuan's products were widely concerned by agricultural material dealers and farmers' friends.
Wei Jinqiang, sales manager of new chemical fertilizer products of the company, spoke on behalf of Haoyuan company at the opening ceremony. He introduced Fuyang's geographical location, cultural background and main local agricultural products to the participants, and made a detailed introduction to the current enterprise development plan of Haoyuan company. Wei Jinqiang warmly welcome all the guests to visit Haoyuan company and look forward to cooperating with customers in various ways and seeking common development.
   at the Agricultural Materials Expo, the sales personnel of Haoyuan company consulted and communicated with agricultural means enterprise representatives, agricultural means agents and township dealers, introduced Haoyuan polypeptide urea, Yuansheng peptide urea, zinc fulvic acid urea, polyglutamic acid urea, polypeptide chelated potassium zinc containing urea, polypeptide chelating potassium zinc rich boron urea, Haoyuan brand and Saiyuan brand compound fertilizer products Methods, fertilizer efficiency characteristics, etc., the company's series of products by agricultural distributors and farmers friends widely praised.


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