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Warm winter solstice festival
Time:2020-12-23   Read:243second  

In winter solstice, "eating dumplings" is a traditional custom in many parts of China. In order to strengthen the communication among young employees, enhance team cohesion and cultivate team spirit of employees, on the basis of carrying forward traditional culture, let the single young employees living in the apartment building feel the warmth from Haoyuan family, relieve homesickness, and put more positive and full enthusiasm into the future work. On the afternoon of December 21, the Youth League Committee of the company organized the "warm winter solstice festival, deep Haoyuan love" young employees' happy meeting in the activity room of the company's apartment. The young employees sat happily together to make dumplings for the winter solstice.

   the activity started at 14:00 p.m., and the company's employees gave full play to their respective strengths. You and noodles, I roll the skin, and we all make stuffing together. The employees who are not good at pasta have an open mind to ask "experts" for advice, learn dumpling making skills on the spot, and the employees with excellent cooking skills perform the special skill of throwing noodles on the spot. The activity was carried out in a happy atmosphere. After more than an hour of "fighting", the dumplings of different styles were lined up on the plate, showing the fruits of the concerted efforts of young employees.
                         . During the activity, the team members of each group gathered their wisdom, made concerted efforts, carried forward the team spirit, cooperated with tacit understanding, and successfully completed the challenges one by one. In the interval of the game, the young employees also showed their voice and enjoyed themselves.
   towards evening, plates of steaming dumplings are on the table. We all sat around, eating warm dumplings, sharing work and life anecdotes with each other, and the scene was full of laughter.
   through this activity, the employees feel the warmth of the company in the cold winter, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of young employees, make everyone relax after work, enhance friendship, and strengthen the spirit of unity and cooperation.


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